Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour – Case Study

August 31, 2016By ElevationProjects

With a smart and informative tone, also grounded in the comedy and edge associated with the Osbourne family, we produced the complete show package for Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour, currently airing on The History Channel. What would it look like if Jack and Ozzy made a scrapbook of their journey? It would be gritty, … Read More

Ad/Sales Reel

August 2, 2016By ElevationProjects

Q-Tip & Phife-Dawg French Fries & Mayonnaise Toes & Sand Elevation & Branded Content When paired, they just work so well. Hit “play” and see for yourself.

20 days to think like a kid

June 2, 2016By ElevationProjects

Producer Diary: The Making of Cartoon Network’s TMNT 2 “Homemade Trailer”   Some of my most prized possessions are cassette tapes that my best friend Christina Brown and I made in the first grade, pretending to be radio DJ’s. Sometimes those late-night disc jockey sessions even bled into full-blown covers of popular songs. It’s always … Read More

New Digital Reel

February 24, 2016By ElevationProjects

We have a new digital reel and it’s BEAUTIFUL! Kudos to David Hendrix for really showing off our stuff! And a job well done to our whole Elevation team!

Stikbots vs. Dust Bunnies

January 5, 2016By ElevationProjects

Anytime Elevation designers are asked to work on toy-related content, our studio becomes the happiest place on earth. This said, when Zing Toys approached us to produce (from soup to nuts) an episodic animated social media series in support of their “Stikbots” launch, candy-filled trees and rainbows filled the studio. What? It could happen! Sit back, … Read More

Reminiscing About Favorites

July 17, 2015By ElevationProjects

We’d like to share some of our favorite logos we’ve ever pitched. Note, until logos speak to the brand and our clients are happy, we work diligently, while drinking a lot of coffee, to nail it. “Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.” – Paul Rand

See Our Work on the Streets of NYC!

May 19, 2015By ElevationProjects

Nothing’s better than seeing your projects on the big screen, or in this case, on the streets of the Big Apple! Thanks to HGTV and DIY, all of New York City gets to witness a little Elevation genius.  

Laffin’ it Up

March 16, 2015By ElevationProjects

You know what doesn’t suck? Doing a full brand launch for a digital comedy network! That’s right, COMEDY network! #ElevationHitTheMotherLoad #ComingSoon

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

February 27, 2015By ElevationProjects

What’s this “lunch” you speak of? Tis’ the season and we’re in serious Upfronts production mode for CNN, HGTV and Weather Channel! Food is for the weak. Must. Deliver. Files. Now.