CBS Sports HQ




Partner with CBS Interactive to develop a comprehensive graphics package for the launch of their all-new, 24/7 sports network, CBS Sports HQ.

Flight Plan

Design a data-centric, visual system that maintained CBS Sports’ identity while giving Sports HQ a personality of its own. The result is a versatile graphics system for displaying their in-depth analyses that goes beyond the headlines. The challenge of a brand development like this is to make sure the package works from a mobile device all the way up to a nine foot wide on-set monitor... not an easy task with all the in-depth stat information that comes with sports content. This is where it’s important to do a tremendous amount of pre-planning and design development in the early stages, to ensure that the design holds up on any screen at any size. To accomplish this, we created a visual grid system as a set of guidelines that worked across all of their live content, as well as their set monitors. Offering this solution ensures a consistent structure that can be built upon even as designs/aesthetics change within the brand.


Year: 2018

Production Company: Elevation
Creative Direction: Stephen Cocks, David Hendrix,
Executive Producer: Stephanie Carson
Art Direction: Dianne Frisbee
Animation Direction: David Hendrix
Design & Animation: Sean Kiley, Kito Kondowe
Additional animation: Matt McCade

Client: CBS Interactive
Senior Graphic Designer: Arnel Alinea
Producer: Sebastian Lehmann 
Vice President: Kieren Portley