CNN Impact Your World




Create awareness around CNN's Impact Your World and its mission to encourage people to give proactively, promote the ‘feel good’ stories that are produced by the Impact team, while also raising awareness on more serious issues.

Flight Plan

We wanted to develop a piece that went beyond kinetic type with supporting iconography and illustration. Using a combination of After Effects and Illustrator, we broke down the script into sections, creating the foundation for each scene, while developing ways to transition from one to another. The piece was built with social media use in mind to help promote the online footprint of the mission. We were sure to build the content so it could be easily updated and delivered in a 1x1 format. Additionally, we chose to use as much visual language as possible so when the video played without audio, the message would still some across.


Year: 2018

Production Company: Elevation
Creative Direction: Stephen Cocks, David Hendrix
Executive Producer: Stephanie Carson
Art Direction: David Hendrix
Animation Direction: David Hendrix
Design & Animation: Sean Kiley, Kito Kondowe

Client: CNN Creative Marketing
Creative Director: Ned Reid
Senior Producer/Writer: Shonda Cooper