It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Season 13




The 13th season of FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will deliver the same outrageous, debauched episodes that Sunny fans love and expect. Each season has featured a new package look and teasers grounded in the signature Sunny yellow, black and occasionally green palette. Neon signs, first person video games, anime, sign spinners, stop motion monsters, doodles and roller coasters have all been solutions at some point. So, what is the new look that will distinguish Sunny’s 13th Season in 2018?

Flight Plan

The goal was clear: Keep it funny, outrageous, shocking, quirky, peculiar and fun! We started brainstorming and writing down all of our zany ideas.



Year: 2018

Production Company: Elevation
Creative Direction: Stephen Cocks, David Hendrix
Executive Producer: Stephanie Carson
Design & Animation: David Hendrix, Sean Kiley, Justin Burks, Kito Kondowe
Additional Concept Writing: Keith Greenstein

Client: FXX
President, Creative, Strategy & Digital, Multi-Platform Marketing: Stephanie Gibbons
EVP, Content & Editorial, Multi-Platform Marketing: John Varvi
VP, Motion & Digital Design: Albert Romero
Creative Director, Motion & Digital Design: Andre Carbonari
Director of Production, Motion Design: Michael Perez